Friday, October 22, 2010

McGuire Apartment Tear Down

In a previous blog, agent Michelle McMahan wrote about the McGuire Apartments in Belltown. Yes, that building on 2nd and Wall surrounded by scaffolding, you’ve seen it. In April of this year, the first demolishment announcement was made after reports of structural problems and cable corrosion. Debate (details here) over who was at fault ensued and in the meantime, tenants were asked to vacate with monetary incentives for prompt vacation. Well according to the Daily Journal of Commerce, issues have been resolved and the property owner Carpenter’s Tower LLC and contractor McCarthy Building Companies Inc. have come to a decision-McGuire is good to go. To the ground, that is. Settlement terms and a tear-down date were not disclosed, but Belltowners can be sure that the building will undoubtedly be demolished. We can only hope that construction closures and the like won’t be affecting the surrounding roads and businesses too much.


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