Thursday, April 25, 2013

Queen Anne Rental: $2,250/Month


This spacious one bedroom condo in the coveted Le Parc condominiums is now available for rent! The one bed, 2 bath space has a lavish master bath with a sizable tub and his and her sinks, walk in closet, beautiful fireplace and a lovely terrace overlooking the downtown skyline, with Space Needle views. Le Parc sits in a prime Queen Anne location, on a quiet street overlooking the Bhy Kracke Park. This unit has a  den, secured parking, and does not allow pets or smoking. If you’re interested in this unit, or other Seattle Rentals, contact your local Real Estate Agent for more information today.
Status: For Rent
Bed/Bath: 1&2
Price: $2,250

Friday, April 19, 2013

Is Seattle's Apartment Boom Overbuilt?

jasonIf you’ve seen new apartment buildings sprouting up left and right in your neighborhood, you’re not the only one. Developers are planning on opening more apartments this year, than they have in the past 20 years, and plan on continuing to built throughout 2014 too. The majority of the building will be done in the downtown neighborhoods, and to some watching, it seems like a classic act of over the top real estate. According to the Seattle Times, many banks and others increased their financing for apartments in 2012, but some lenders are becoming more cautious, with the understanding that when new apartments open when rental rates are higher, they might have to offer deeper discounts to fill vacancies.  Concerns aren’t running high at this stage in the game, but if construction continues at the rate it is going, many are concerned that a Seattle apartment bubble is in place, is demands aren’t keeping up to pace.
On the other end, construction wouldn’t be booming if vacancies weren’t at the lowest they’ve been in over a decade, which has caused rent to skyrocket. The market rate is currently well below 5%, and even below 3% in some neighborhoods, causing an unbalance between the hierarchy in power between landlords and tenants. According to the Times, apartment construction and rent growth in Seattle is more intense than in most of the nation. Apartment developers are flocking to Seattle due to the strong job growth projections, but are the estimates going to cause the city to be overbuilt? For more information on Seattle’s apartment growth, visit the Seattle Times. If you’re currently searching for a new apartment, check out some of these Seattle Rentals.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eastlake Receives A Micro Apartment Proposal

The tiny apartment boom has gained popularity in areas like Capitol Hill, and now the Eastlake neighborhood might be getting a new Micro Apartment complex as well. Johnson Carr LLC development team has submitted a proposal to build a room-share style apartment complex. Similar projects have gained popularity due to affordability, and are set up a little different than your typical apartment; with rooms organized around centrally located common spaces on one floor. Residents share common kitchen and laundry facilities, but individual units have their own bathrooms and kitchenettes.
Micro Apartment sketch from Biz Journal
Micro Apartment Sketch, courtesy of Biz Journal

Johnson Car LLC is proposing a 5 story project, with 115 units at 2820 Eastlake Avenue E, on a site that currently has a house and a small apartment building that will have to be demolished. The developer has teamed up with Janette Architecture | Planning | Design, and a Seattle design review board meeting was scheduled last night to discuss the proposal. For more information on the project, visit the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tiny Apartment Giving You the Blues? Tips for Organization and Feng Shui!

feng-shuiIf you're living in a tiny apartment, or sharing a home with several others thus limiting your own personal space, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice organization, or the ultimate Feng Shui. The folks over at Zillow have put together an excellent list of things you can do with any room big or small that will create and maintain a good flow system.
For starters, it's good to designate a strong command position, somewhere in the room where you feel the strongest and most safe, most often it will be the spot directly across from the entryway. In a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, you'll oftentimes need to arrange furniture and things around your bed. Sometimes the use of room dividers can make the space feel larger than it is. De-cluttering your space can transcend into other aspects of your life, eliminating  unnecessary stress caused by the mess. Using self-storage to store furniture that won't fit is a good start, or storing your belongings vertically can offer a varietal for wall decorations. Keeping the entryway clear in Feng Shui is said to produce good energy, that can  flow throughout your apartment easily. And lastly, make your place your own. It can be difficult to get yourself to decorate and personalize your apartment if you know you won't be staying there for long, but it's important to feel comfortable in your space, no matter how long the stay. For more tips on making your space your own, visit Zillow.