Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rental Scammers Thriving in Seattle’s Hot Rental Market

You’re shopping for a new rental on Craigslist or Hotpads, and stumble upon a beautiful listing that is asking well below the market norm – you’re first thought is it’s too good to be true, but at that price who could resist? If you’ve seen these ads while browsing, usually cluttered with grammatical mistakes in the property description, you’ve likely had this same thought. A four bedroom bungalow in Ballard with a garage and hardwoods for $1,200/month?! Sounds like the deal of a lifetime in Seattle’s hot rental market. This listing seems too good to be true, and it certainly is; online rental scammers are thriving in the cut throat Seattle rental market, so be on the lookout for these similarities on your quest for the perfect rental. Scammers almost never list a local phone number, and generally send you an email in response about an urgent matter that leaves no other choice than to deal with all transactions long distance.
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According to the Seattle Times, some of those who have fallen for rental scams have lots hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. Sometimes the fake landlord seems to check out alright, they might even have an email that is listed as the actual landlord’s name. Do not wire anyone any money, and make sure to look into the rental company before choosing a rental home. If you’re interested in Seattle rentals, contact your local real estate agent today.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

High Seattle Rent + High Competition = High Stakes for Renters

rentalHave you been searching for a new Seattle rental and found that someone else is always one step ahead of you? You aren’t alone! Seattle renters in the throws of searching for a new place to call home have a lot of other renters competing for the same properties. Some renters have been attending open houses, even arriving early in hopes of getting to spe3ak with the landlord directly, only to find that there is a line of Seattleites ahead of them at the door, already discussing their game plan for landing that lease. What is a renter to do? One could spoke with Mynorthwest after a year long search for their rental home. “Oh, it’s awful. You’re like, I’m going to be smart and get to this house 20 minutes early and there’s already 20 people there and they’re all talking about their strategy,” said Ian Schuler. “Seattle is filled with beautiful Type-A personalities. Everybody knows what they want and they’re so competitive. And it takes, honestly, that that kind of personality, I think, to be on top of it.”
On average, a one bedroom in Seattle may have gone up 200-400 dollars this past year, and new construction apartments are coming on the market with a high price tag. To make themselves look desirable, many renters are putting together portfolios that include family resumes, pet resumes and neighbor recommendations, along with letters from previous landlords. Anything that might give them the edge needed to one up another prospective tenant. Stay on top of the rental search, and be prepared to have tough competition with the units you’d like to live in. If you’re looking for Seattle rentals, contact your local real estate agent today.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Washington Park Rental Home: $7,000

washington park home
This beautiful Washington Park rental home has spectacular views of Lake Washington and Mt Rainer from nearly every room, and is now available rent. This home was completely remodeled in 2007, and is in impeccable condition. There are 4 bedrooms on the top floor, an expansive deck which is adjacent to an open kitchen and living room, and also has a wonderful backyard, and a media room! The downstairs has a separate guest suite, and the home also includes an office with a wall-wall bookcase, and a wine cellar. There is a two car garage attached for your convenience. If you are interested in this, or other Seattle rentals, please contact your local real estate agent today.

Status: For Rent
Bed/Bath: 5&4
Price: $7,000/Month

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tips to Move Safely Into Your Rental Home

Property ManagementMoving into a rental home can be stressful and taxing on the mind and body, so preparing to move safely and efficiently is essential to getting everything unpacked on the big moving day.  Packing each box lightly, or light enough to be carried is a smart idea if you’re not looking to experience any back pain at the end of the day. Many think that shoving as much as possible into each box will make things easier with fewer boxes, but in fact it will only slow down the process, and you might end up hurting yourself or others if the boxes are too heavy to hold.It may sound strange, but doing some basic stretches before you begin moving will loosen up your muscles, and may prevent and pulled injuries or soreness the next day.
Prepare for your move by bringing proper tools and equipment with you – if you do not have a big crew to help move your boxes, bringing a dolly can really help things run smoothly, and make the move go by much quicker. If you’re moving larger appliances, an appliance dolly would also be useful. Taking a walk around the property a day or two before moving day might help spot any tricky areas and solutions for the move, like how you’re going to fit the couch that is too wide through the front? Maybe there is a back entrance that will be easier to move larger pieces of furniture. Remember to dress comfortable for the big move, and wear comfortable protective tennis shoes. It’s also perfectly ok to move at your own pace – don’t rush yourself too much, a safe move is a happy one. For more information on Seattle rentals, contact your local real estate agent today.