Monday, November 29, 2010

The Seattle Waterfront-A Future View

The last time we posted an update about the Alaskan Way Viaduct Project was in September after the neighborhood meeting. The Viaduct is scheduled to come down in 2015, and discussions for its future are still underway. Today, the Seattle PI posted an online photo album of the current Viaduct and a number of simulated images that could be the new Seattle waterfront. The images were taken from and compiled by the Washington State Department of Transportation. The “future” images provide Seattleites with a little bit of hope, because the replacement will surely be timely and messy. If we have this to look forward to, it may just be worth the trouble!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pnk Ultra Lounge-The Place to Be and Be scene!

Seattle’s newest lounge, Pnk has been the talk of the town since it first opened its door last month, Countless individuals, mostly young mid 20’s-30’s , go there from all over to get a piece of the new modern playground made for Seattleites and people alike. The lush Vegas atmosphere and hip ambiance creates a very trendy and certainly cool environment you sure won’t want to leave. This multi-million
dollar project was created with idea of “women” in mind. The owners Rob and Tammie Armijo created a perfect environment for the young urban professional women with 3 bars, 40 flat screens, 2 VIP areas, outdoor seating, and even a bar in the Women’s bathroom equipped with its own male bartender! Whether you’re male or female you’re sure to find a place at Pnk. Now open on the 4th floor of Pacific Place. Special thanks to our companies own, Erwin Park, for negotiating the lease. For more information about Pnk please visit their website

New Apartments in Belltown

Just as the McGuire Apartments are headed to demolishment, a new apartment project is proposed for Belltown. The 17-2tory apartment building, to be called “Alto”, will be located on 3rd and Cedar. The expected 184-unit building ‘s construction will be the first of multiple proposals in Central Seattle in the last three years to start. The building will also have 2,700 sf of retail space. The developer, Harbor Properties (who is well known for Downtown’s Harbor Steps project) bought the land in March of last year, but decided not to build until the financial market had improved. The high demand for rentals in Seattle, especially among the younger populations in Belltown, has increased substantially in the past few years. As many of the projects in Belltown are condos, it is a nice change of pace to see some new apartment buildings. This will be the newest among a number of other buildings including 2300 Elliot, The Avalon, and Archstone Apartments, to name a few. The apartments will be aimed at middle-income renters as well, which is a plus for the younger population. Looks like Belltown living is back on the rise, as we expect the residential project from Goodman Real Estate (located on Western) to start in the near future as well.