Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pyramid Living

Most of us have seen the Smith Tower located on 2nd Avenue in Pioneer Square. In the midst of many of the low rise buildings and condos in Pioneer Square lies the Smith Tower, a 1914 Seattle Landmark standing at 42 stories tall. It’s named after its builder, Burns Lyman Smith and it has a phenomenal observation desk on the 35th floor. What most of us in Seattle didn’t know until The New York Times brought recent attention to it was that a family currently lives in the pyramid-shape penthouse apartment near the top of the tower. The Lahaie family, Petra Franklin, David and their two daughters, have a long-term lease in the 1,750 sf, two bedroom, two bathroom downtown Seattle apartment. After the building was renovated in 1998, Ms. Franklin decided she wanted to live there-and that’s exactly what happened. Belltown and downtown Seattle living can be found where you least expect it. It just takes a little effort to find to find a rental or for sale property.

-Image courtesy of planetware.com


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