Monday, April 19, 2010

Mcguire Apartment Controversy

Carpenter’s Tower LLC reported this week it will be tearing down its 25 story apartment building located in the heart of Belltown. 272 units must vacate by the end of the year. Incentives have been offered to apartment tenants. Three months money back rent if tenants move out as soon as possible.

The conflict still remains between who is at fault. McCarthy Building Company LLC, who built the McGuire Building, stated that the building is entirely safe and demolition can be avoided by proper maintenance and monitoring, but the Seattle Department of Planning and Development said it had reviewed engineering reports of structural problems of cable corrosion and agreed it should be demolished. The estimated cost to repair the building was $80 million. According to county records, the build was assessed at $60 million.

The Carpenter’s Union filed lawsuit against the McCarthy Building Company and its architects who designed the building. McCarthy Building Company in turn filed suit against its subcontractors. Trial dates are set for Sept.

The verdict of weather or not the McGuire building will come down is completely up to the owner, Carpenter’s Towers, who has made its point this week that’s what they want done.


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