Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pioneer Square's efforts for change

According to the Seattle Times, Pioneer Square is soon to get a face lift. Pioneer Square is both a unique and historic area. It seems to be an attractive setting for tourists and visitors alike, but to the locals, it has become some sort of eyesore. The architecture is fascinating and buildings are original from 1890’s. Pioneer Square has an extraordinary ambience and has a unique mixture of design. Even with the district’s rare architecture and unoriginal setting, local businesses say something needs to be done to change how the locals view it.

Elliott Bay Book Company was once Pioneer Square’s largest commercial tenant. After recently relocating to Capitol Hill it took a large portion of its customers with it. The Pioneer Square Association has called in Washington State Main Street Program to help bring some help to revitalize the local economy, appearance, and image of the downtown commercial district by using the Main Street Approach. Through strategic planning and new design, the program hopes to give the historic district a new face and bring more locals to appreciate it. I’m sure making the area more inviting will bring more people to live there.

Find out more about Washington's Main Street Program at: http://www.choosewashington.com/BUSINESS/GROW/DOWNTOWN/Pages/default.aspx


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