Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tips to Receive Your Security Deposit Back

rent depositIf you’ve rented before, you’re likely familiar with that awful feeling that even though you’ve hired a cleaner to clean the carpets, and mopped every inch of the rental, you’re not going to receive that security deposit back. You wait eagerly by the mailbox in hopes of receiving a check, and when it comes you’re shocked to find that you’ve only received $100 back – where did all of your money go? To prevent this from happening again, here are some tips from our friends over at Curbed Seattle, on how to receive as much of your deposit back as possible.
1) Read Your Entire Lease – Don’t just skim it, really dig deep for anything you should not be responsible for. Landlords cannot add anything in the lease claiming tenant responsibility to pay for any damages that are not your fault. If a non-refundable cleaning fee is to be paid, it must be stated in the lease.
2)Take photos when you move in – Be sure to capture any damages already in place before you move into your rental. Be sure you receive a checklist of all previous damages agreed upon by your landlord and you, and signed by both parties; also make sure your receive a copy of this document.
3) Give Your Landlord 14 Days to Deliver the Deposit – By WA Law, your landlord must deliver your deposit to you within 14 days after your move out date. If you do not receive the check within this time period, you have the right to sue for double the deposit amount. Be sure to give your landlord your current address, otherwise the fault may be deemed your own.


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