Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tiny Apartment Giving You the Blues? Tips for Organization and Feng Shui!

feng-shuiIf you're living in a tiny apartment, or sharing a home with several others thus limiting your own personal space, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice organization, or the ultimate Feng Shui. The folks over at Zillow have put together an excellent list of things you can do with any room big or small that will create and maintain a good flow system.
For starters, it's good to designate a strong command position, somewhere in the room where you feel the strongest and most safe, most often it will be the spot directly across from the entryway. In a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, you'll oftentimes need to arrange furniture and things around your bed. Sometimes the use of room dividers can make the space feel larger than it is. De-cluttering your space can transcend into other aspects of your life, eliminating  unnecessary stress caused by the mess. Using self-storage to store furniture that won't fit is a good start, or storing your belongings vertically can offer a varietal for wall decorations. Keeping the entryway clear in Feng Shui is said to produce good energy, that can  flow throughout your apartment easily. And lastly, make your place your own. It can be difficult to get yourself to decorate and personalize your apartment if you know you won't be staying there for long, but it's important to feel comfortable in your space, no matter how long the stay. For more tips on making your space your own, visit Zillow.


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