Monday, August 6, 2012

Does Your Rental Have an Ugly View? Tips For Disguising It!

The great thing about Seattle neighborhoods is that there is almost always a view of something beautiful around the corner from your home; but that can also mean that your direct view isn’t the greatest. Many rentals, especially those homes with rental basements or mother in law apartment rentals can have a view of a warped neighbor’s yard, or better yet your  unattractive neighbor’s living room, who without fail loves to do yoga in tiny neon spandex around the time your hosting happy hour. Thankfully Zillow has come to the rescue with some great ideas to disguise your unappealing view, and turn it around to something worth staring at.
Window coverings, such as curtains or shutters, especially when they’re working together can block out the background, and dress up the window area. Custom shades can run a little higher, but might be worth it for full coverage views. Also if replacing the window itself isn’t an option, a fun way to blur views is with decorative window film that is applied right to the glass, especially around the holidays! If you have a knack for plants, you could install some shelving in front of the windows and disperse with light craving plants. You could also create the same affect with a large hanging plant, or a large drooping vine. For more information on other tips to disguise your unsightly view, visit Zillow’s Tips & Advise Blog.


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