Monday, March 12, 2012

Scams in Seattle Rental Market

The Seattle Times has announced that there are currently scams in the housing market to be aware of when browsing for your new home. Online scammers are advertising listed homes and foreclosures as "For Rent" that they most likely do not own, and very likely have never even seen before. These homes are usually For Sale, or currently being foreclosed, and scammers are taking advantage of the new vacancies right and left. Potential renters are asked to send a deposit before receiving their keys. This scam may seem like an obvious one, but these kinds of scams have been on the rise along with unemployment and desperate apartment seekers looking for a low price ticket. Be wary if a manager asks for wired funds through Western Union or Money gram without letting you into the Unit first. For a detailed description, read the extended article here.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this information! I would advise all to do a little research on your property management in Seattle to determine if they are a good match. Thanks again!

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