Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square’s face lift has begun. From the Thursday art walks to the newest Saturday market, Pioneer Square continues to promote itself to bring more people to its district. Pioneer Square just launched a new market this weekend called “City Square”. The market included a couple dozen different vendors all selling crafty type items; some selling house ware, clothing, and even furniture. Local DJs spun a mixture of music that added to the markets uniqueness. City Square, which will continue every Saturday until September 25th, is just one part of the effort in revitalizing the area. It seems that after Pioneer Square’s long term tenant Elliott Bay Book Store recently moved (taking a lot of its customers with) there is a lingering impression that Pioneer Square isn’t a great place to do business. Yet, according to the local business owner s and residents of Pioneer Square, it’s a great place. I was showing a commercial space there this afternoon near Occidental Park, and the park was flourishing with people and artists. Decorations hung from the trees and spectators watched some sort of interpretive art and performances. One woman was dressed like a character from the 1900’s. She read from a book and paced back and forth along a red carpet. I was told she would be there pacing back and forth until she finished the entire book. People were free to join her and she would read pages aloud. Others were enjoying food and the local entertainment. Seems like a busy day in the park to me. Pioneer Square is doing a number of things to help bring life back into the area. Art work is being placed in the store front of vacant commercial spaces to help add to the areas creative mix of business. The city has applied for the main street program which will take effect this winter. Over all the businesses and residents would sure like to see it flourish like it did not so long ago. For more information on activity in Pioneer Square check out the new website.