Friday, June 11, 2010

Seattle attracts many out of state residents

Seattle is known for its major corporations, eco-friendly culture, great food and glorious setting. These are only some of the reason that Seattle is a magnet for out of state residents. According to the article linked in my last blog, Seattle was ranked #2 in’s list “The 10 best cities for the next decade”. Over the span of the last few months I’ve noticed a majority of my clients have been from out of state. Many moving here from the mid-west, and some from as far as New York, have all found employment here and all agree that Seattle is an attractive city to live in. After some further investigation, I found that a number of our major corporations are continuing to create jobs and support this beautiful city. I found that had offered well over 500 positions in the last month, (Wow!) and Starbucks, Nordstrom’s and the University of Washington were all among the top leaders for job openings. There were close to 5000 positions available in Seattle alone on the state’s website It’s the workforce like this that keeps people moving to this unparalleled city. If you need assistance with rentals in the Seattle area please contact me.


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