Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seattle is Hot (& Hip)!

This is a bit of old news (article came out about a month ago), but I came across it again so I thought I would mention it. According to a panel at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Seattle (tied with D.C.) is the hottest, hippest city to live in for young, highly mobile people. The type of industries that call Seattle home as well as the culture and the easy access to nature put Seattle at number one. It was also pointed out at the bottom of the article, where you can click through to each city, that a newcomer to Seattle could rent an apartment for less than $1,000 implying, at least for renting, that housing is affordable here. This is certainly the case when comparing NYC (#3 on the list) - read my previous blog on average prices in Manhattan.

Read WSJ article for more details.


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